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Corporate Shuttle Services

Corporate Shuttle Services

We help the riders of corporations and institutions with customizable and effective routes with innovative technologies to delivers a reliable, convenient and a safe commute on a daily basis.
Sophisticated Program Analytics

  • Efficient and Cost-Effective Planning of Routes with Multiple Stops
  • Parking Plans
  • Efficiency Metrics
  • Ridership Analysis
  • Passenger Satisfaction Surveys
  • Operational Efficiency

    • In-vehicle Mobile Data Terminals: Enables messaging with our dispatch and other applications including automated passenger counting, real-time performance feedback and mileage tracking
    • Real-time messaging

  • Improving Security & Passenger Count

    • Badge scanners: Services include passenger verification and reporting
    • Video: Enhanced security monitoring
    • PASSENGER COUNTING: Tracking ridership and capacity is easy and accurate using our advanced automatic passenger counter technology. We also support use of your existing tablets for GPS and passenger counting featuring a driver-assisted interface

  • Sustainability

    We offer several eco-friendly options to those clients who wish to utilize sustainable vehicles as part of their transportation programs. These available offerings include:

    • Hybrid-Electric Vehicles
    • All-Electric Vans
    • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Buses
    • Biodiesel and Propane Shuttles
    • Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel

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