Common Mistakes Corporate Travel Managers Should Avoid

If you are planning ground transportation for your employees, make sure to plan as far in advance as possible in order to avoid common transportation planning is done through the help of an outside vendor or contracted However, placing blind trust[...]

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Crisis Management Tips for Corporate Travel Managers

Travel managers have a lot on their plate on a daily basis, but it’s essential they know how to respond and manage a crisis, especially when it could potentially involve their traveling Every department should have detailed communication plans and[...]

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The Tech Tools Every Corporate Travel Manager Needs

When managing your corporate travel affairs, it’s essential for you to stay on top of everything that goes on with daily activities and where all of your employees are In order to do this, there is specific tech you can utilized to help manage[...]

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How Travel Managers Can Cut Costs But Keep Value

If you're a travel manager that hasn't been practicing any cost reduction strategies, you’re putting your company at a To be efficient and get the best value for your company, you must have plans in place when you are booking transportation and[...]

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How to Pitch to a Venture Capitalist: Part 3

The Ask Editor’s Note: This is the final post in this Read part 1 here and part 2 you pitch to a venture capitalist, the ultimate goal is to get But even if your idea is great and your presentation rocks, you could still fumble the ask and lose[...]

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How to Pitch to a Venture Capitalist: Part 2

Crafting a Killer Presentation The success of an investor pitch hinges on how well your presentation grabs and sustains an investor’s emotional Only with a firm grip will you be able to chauffeur investors along your pitch’s timeline, which, if[...]

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How to Pitch to a Venture Capitalist: Part 1

Key Elements of a Successful Investor Pitch The average venture capitalist sees thousands of pitches each done right, a VC pitch will not only grab an investor's attention but spur them to throw money at you on the what makes it done[...]

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How to Pack for a Business Trip

Travel Light, Travel in Style Most business trips require more than one A suit is standard, but what about for the more casual events, like client dinners and sporting events? A suit would be too formal and out of So how do you pack light while[...]

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What Flight Planners Can Learn From All-Star Athletes

The Secret to a Successful Career as a Flight The term alone reeks heavily of who wear it seem to have super powers, running faster and leaping farther than the average human, falling and failing never, or rarely and with More magic than on the TV[...]

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